our approach

Stage 1

Evaluation of commercial attractiveness

We all have ideas, but only some of them may have a market. Our ideation process asks questions such as: what differentiates this product from others? Which markets will we approach? What production costs are involved?

Concept Design

Incredible Vanguard has extensive experience in conceptual design, turning ideas into realistic and commercially viable designs. We focus on understanding people’s needs and how we can meet them.

Our process involves brainstorming, developing alternative solutions, and including functional elements that set you apart from the competition.


In every project we develop, we try to create something that is innovative and marketable. And, for it to have commercial viability, we seek from the first moment to define its approximate cost. And, since we are manufacturers, with no intermediaries, we achieve a greater control of the production cost

Stage 2
Design & Prototyping

Industrial Design

In industrial design, we deepen the idea (or concept), planning the various aspects before production. Our design and manufacturing expertise covers areas such as materials, ergonomics, form, functionality and sustainability. By evaluating all these aspects, we focus on delivering a quality product for the target market.


We use ergonomic design practices to ensure a good user experience with a product.

We apply ergonomic concepts when designing products and systems to suit the people who use them.

Detail Design & CAD

Once the concept is defined, we take the design to the 3D CAD application and explore all its parts and components. During this phase, the design gains its final form and function, which will be fundamental for the product development process.


Prototyping is in our DNA. Over the course of a project, we make dozens of prototypes. It is a very important communication tool, and we like to start a meeting with a prototype. Throughout our years of activity, we have created prototypes in the most varied forms.

Stage 3

Safety Testing

With work at the prototype stage, we do safety testing, for compliance with national and international safety directives, and compliance with international standards.

This process is essential for us to move on to the next phases.

Mechanical Engineering

Every mechanical component, every material, every element, must be chosen and detailed at this stage. The technical drawings are expanded, and we often make a final pre-production prototype before starting production, in order to have something physical as a reference.

For mechanically complex designs, we check the long-term performances of the various components.

Electronic Engineering

Increbible Vanguard designs, develops and produces electronic products, from initial concept through prototyping to production.

Our electronic engineers develop processes that include microprocessors, micro-controllers and PCBs, and integrate them into well performing and elegantly designed products, from electro-mechanical products to IoT connected devices.


Obtaining product certification is an important factor in product success, as it inspires consumer confidence.

We work closely with certification centers, both public and private, to ensure that the products we develop meet their relevant standards as a common starting point for obtaining certification against a given standard.


Incredible Vanguard has manufacturing capacity and produces small, medium, and large quantities.

We help you consider all production options appropriate to your specific case. We supervise and follow the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish, monitoring quality and consistency.

Stage 4
go-to market

Branding & Packaging

At Incredible Vanguard we exalt the power of brands. We build identity around your product design to create a connection with the customer.

We create visual identity manuals, where besides the logo and corporate identity, we explain other brand applications, from websites, brochures, packaging and clothing.

Product Photography

We create product photography to let the consumer know what the product really looks like.

Photography can occur at stages of our design process.

It can occur at the prototype stage, to assist in obtaining investment, or later in the commercialization of the product, to create marketing materials.


We support the introduction of your products into the market, through distribution systems, marketplaces or by creating a proprietary online store.